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Live, Love, Lamb

Yarramundi Premium Lamb

Yarramundi Prime Lamb is 100% grass fed Australian Lamb. Lambs are ruminant animals, meaning they are designed to eat grass. Not only is a natural diet better for the lambs, but it helps promote sustainable farming practices.

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Fertile Riverina District

The company owns a 3000ha farm property in NSW where healthy lambs are reared in an unspoiled natural environment, grazing on green pastures and enjoying an ideal climate.

Indeed, this beautiful area of Australia is renowned for its fertile land and fresh, premium quality produce. It’s the reason why our lamb products are so tender and flavoursome.

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Top Quality Livestock

We select only the finest livestock to ensure we’re consistently supplying the very best lamb products to our customers.

Our livestock team is dedicated to rearing superior quality lamb. This means creating safe and stress-free environments for our animals through efficient and sustainable practices.

Animal welfare is at the forefront of everything we do. That’s because a healthy, well looked after animal will result in the best possible end product.

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Paddock to plate

Our ‘farm direct’ approach means you know exactly where your lamb is coming from and can rely on consistently high quality products all year round.

We’ve never deviated from our core values of caring for animals, adopting industry best practices, looking after our people and the wider environment, and we never will.

From our paddock to your plate, we hope you enjoy our tender and flavoursome lamb!

For more information, please visit Yarramundi Premium Lamb official site.