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Packaging technological protection for true quality

All packaging for meat products uses a multilayer technology film which acts as an oxygen barrier in the form of high-barrier granules. The meat products stay fresh throughout the supply chain even after long periods of storage as the nutrients are effectively protected.

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Effective barrier against gases

The sophisticated molecular, crystalline structure makes it an extremely effective and powerful barrier against oxygen and other gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and helium. The supply of oxygen is almost completely cut off.

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Significantly longer shelf life

Used in our packaging products made of multilayer structures, protective films extend the shelf life of meat products to the maximum. Compared to conventional standard vacuum bags, it has 10,000 times higher gas barrier.

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Sustainable living should be simple

Our packaging materials does not contain any chlorine, dioxins, metals or other elements that can cause endocrinological diseases; help to reduce waste and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint thus make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection.