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Five generations. We never compromise on quality.

Woodward Food Beef

Woodward Foods has been proudly farming, producing and distributing the finest quality beef and lamb across Australia since 1888.

To maintain our commitment to provide you with premium quality meat from natural and pure Australian lands, our operations have remained in Swan Hill which is situated in the iconic and world-renowned, Murray Valley River region.

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Superior tasting Angus beef everyday

From the rich fertile Murray Valley region of Victoria, Woodward Foods Australia is pleased to introduce their signature Platinum Angus beef. Our hand selected Angus cattle are raised on the highest level of nutrition to give you Australia’s finest quality Angus beef on the market. With the guarantee of world-class MSA grading system, combined with high marble scores, ensures our Platinum Angus beef is tender, full flavour and exceptionally tasting beef every time.

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Perfection in Grass-fed beef

Never settle for less than perfection in grass fed meat. With no added hormone growth promoters, we are excited to offer wholesome Natural Beef. Our cattle are free to roam on lush pastures grazing on pure and natural Australian grasslands.you can be sure you’re getting the purest, highest quality grass-fed beef for your family. Our Natural Beef is the perfect addition to your family’s balanced diet, as nature intended

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From Paddock to Plate

Our “paddock to plate” promise means we own and operate assets across the supply chain, including a network of farms, feedlots and livestock.

We’re one of the only vertically integrated meat producers in Australia that proudly own and operate every stage of our natural farming and supply chain operations. From purchasing livestock, operating farms and executing specialist signature breeding programs, where we obtain the finest quality meat. Our elite network is supported and guaranteeing satisfaction from every stage.

For more information, please visit Woodward Foods Official Website.